User roles within Toggle

On Toggle, there are different levels of access that users can have, read more about these below.

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When inviting a new user to your Toggle dashboard, you will get a drop down with the following role options (see below for a definition on what role does what):

The newly invited user will automatically receive an email invite, where they will be able to follow a link to complete their registration and set a password.

Here is what each role entails:

Store Owner

This user is usually the one that creates your account. This user can access all parts of the Toggle dashboard and can invite other team members to their dashboard.

Store Manager

This user can access all the same parts as a Store Owner apart from the ability to invite other team members or create API users.

Financial manager

This role can view orders, cards, reporting and exports. This user doesn’t have access to customise or edit/add products to the webshop.

Guest service

This role can view orders and cards. This is for guest support roles, where they need to be able to help with guest queries about orders or cards.

This user can access the exports section of the dashboard, but cannot create value (FOC orders).

Front of House manager

This role is for POS Mode users, meaning they can sell and redeem gift cards on POS Mode. They can also access orders on the dashboard to find information on specific orders, as well as create FOC cards. They cannot access the export section.

Front of House Staff

This role is for POS Mode users, who can redeem cards, but not sell them. They cannot access the dashboard.

Currently, if you need to change the user access level of an existing user, get in touch with us at and we can do this for you.

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