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Connecting Stampede with Toggle
Connecting Stampede with Toggle
Written by Anthony Moore
Updated over a week ago


The Stampede x Toggle integration enables details for gift card sales to be sent to your Stampede CRM in real time. This data will include;

  • Gift card product details (product name)

  • Gift card details (card number, value, etc)

  • Purchaser details (profile, email, opt in, etc.)

From here, Stampede will be able to process the contact and card details to help build up your contact database.

The data is sent in real time, and only currently available based on the Order.Created event.

Switch on marketing consent

Firstly, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to configure marketing consent within Toggle before any customer data can be stored to Stampede. More info on how to do this here >

Make sure your consent copy covers how you intend to use the customer data in Stampede and don’t forget to also set a link to your Privacy Policy.

Getting started

In order to do have data sent from Toggle to Stampede, you will need to talk you your Stampede account manager in order to get setup. They will need to provide Toggle (our CS team) with a URL - which we will send the Order details to.

Toggle will then provide Stampede with a `Secret` for the API (this helps keep your data safe).

Once all is confirmed, data will start flowing for ongoing sales

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