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How to re-send physical gift cards
How to re-send physical gift cards
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Sometimes physical gift cards get lost in transit, get mistakenly sent to the wrong address, or are returned to you or the Toggle warehouse for whatever reason.

If the affected customer would like their order re-sent to them, on Toggle you can easily queue up a replacement order.

How to re-send a physical gift card:

  1. Search for the customer's card on the Purchases page (use the search filters where needed)

  2. Click onto the card

  3. If you're on the order details part, click the "view card details" button

  4. Click on the 'Send physical replacement'

  5. Either send the order to the same address or edit the address

  6. Select the postage type

  7. Click 'Queue for fulfilment'

Video demo - (no sound) 👇

What happens after this?

  • The original gift card that's been lost or returned to the warehouse will have it's balance automatically transferred to the replacement gift card. This means the lost card will have £0 on it and can't be used by the customer (so it's good to inform them of this in case they do end up receiving the original gift card they ordered to avoid them accidentally trying to use it later on!).

  • On your Toggle reports the original gift card will show as having a "outbound balance transfer" and the replacement card will show as having an "inbound balance transfer".

  • No refund is needed for this whole process since the original payment made by the customer for the lost card will still be in your payment gateway. You will however be incurring the postage fee for the replacement order.

When will the replacement order be sent out?

If you're using the Toggle fulfilment service, you'll see the replacement order with a yellow "processing" label next to it on the Orders page of your dashboard. This means it'll be on the fulfilment team's system to process.

They process all orders each weekday at around 11am-12pm. (So if you create the replacement order at 3pm on a Monday it'll be dispatched 11am-12pm on Tuesday).

If you fulfil your own gift card orders, you'll see a blue "pending" label next to the replacement order on your Orders page, so click onto it and from there you can fulfil the order - more details here.

What if the postal address is incorrect but the order hasn't yet been dispatched...can I quickly edit it?

Yep! You can edit postal addresses in circumstances where the address is incorrect before the Toggle fulfilment team dispatches them (or you dispatch them). This is done on your dashboard on the Orders page - more details here.

Please get in touch with our support team at if you have any questions or need help!

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