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Guest FAQs and how to answer them
Guest FAQs and how to answer them

Learn how to respond to some questions you may get from your guests about their gift cards

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You may well have to answer questions from your guests about their gift cards from time to time, so we've compiled a list that should cover most of the queries you're likely to get, and outlined how to help them out.

My payment has failed!

All payment functionality on your Toggle webshop is handled by your payment processor. A failed payment is often due to a mis-typed card details or insufficient funds. If neither of these seem to be the issue, check out a failed payment through your payment gateway. 

I haven’t received my digital gift email 

If a customer hasn’t received their digital gift email, there are two likely reasons: 

  • It’s gone to the spam folder (ask them to check!)

  • Or, the email address may have been mistyped 

To check the latter, go to Purchases > Cards

Search the customer's name or email using the search filters. Once found, click on the card. To resend a card, click Send Digital Copy.

Even if neither of the issues above have been found to be the issue, you can send a digital copy to see if the customer receives it.

I ordered by mistake

You'll need to cancel the order and refund them. 

To cancel on Toggle go to Purchases > Orders and search the person in question (use the filters for quicker search). Once found, click the order. 

Click the red Cancel order button and then confirm the cancellation when the dialog box appears. You can only cancel an order if the card has not yet been used.

Refund the order through your payment gateway (Stripe or Trust Payments).

I typed in the wrong delivery address

If a postal order has not yet been dispatched, you can edit the delivery address. 

Go to Purchases > Orders and search the order in question.

Once found, click on the order and then the edit icon next to the delivery address associated with the cards.

If the card has already been dispatched, search out the order, and click into the card associated with that order. Click on Send Physical Replacement. In the box that pops up, click Send to different address and queue for fulfilment. This will queue that card for fulfilment as normal, and the old card number it has replaced will be deactivated. This is only possible if the card has not yet been used.

My physical order hasn’t arrived, can I get a digital one?

Ensure the physical order is fulfilled so there’s a number assigned to the card. Then you can resend a digital version of that card (the same card number will be assigned automatically, so it can’t be redeemed twice!). 

To do this, go to Purchases > Cards and search the card in question. 

Then press Send digital copy and enter their email address. 

My card has expired

Tough luck! Or maybe not?! Depending on the situation you may choose to load the expired value back onto the card. 

If you choose to load it back on, go to Purchases > Cards and find the card in question. Then select Adjust card balance. In the dropdown titled 'Type of adjustment', select Top Up (FOC), and choose the amount you want to load back on. You can also add a note for your own reporting as to why this value was loaded on.

I have a complaint!

Similar to the above, you may want to use the ‘Top Up (FOC)’ option if they already have a card. If they don’t have a card, you can create a new FOC card by heading to Purchases > Orders and clicking Create new. You can send these as digital or physical cards.

How much money is on my gift card? 

The best thing to do is to encourage them to check their balance themselves from your Toggle webshop. Direct them to your webshop, and get them to click Check balance. They then input their card number and PIN to see their balance, expiry and gift name. 

You can check for someone by searching their name under Purchases > Cards, searching their name, email or card number on the filters provided. You'll be able to see their balance, expiry, transaction history, and their details.

Do I have to register my card to be able to use it? 

A customer doesn’t have to register their card, but it’s beneficial to encourage your customers to do so, for two reasons: 

  1. Physical card holders will receive a digital copy (if they lose their physical card, no problem!)

  2. For those who are the recipient of a gift card, registering their digital or physical card means if they lose it, you can search for them on Toggle and resend a copy to them.

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