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The Orders report is downloadable on your Toggle dashboard as a CSV file. You can open the report into a spreadsheet program such as Excel to view and edit the raw data.

Where to find and download the Orders report.

Here's the steps to find and download the Orders report:

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. Click on Data found on the sidebar

  3. Click on Orders

  4. Click the blue calendar icon and select the date range to pull the data from*

  5. Click Add to queue

  6. Click the green download button when the export has completed its download

* This is based on the order creation date e.g. if you select January 1st 2022 - January 31st 2022 the data on the export will contain only the gift cards and products that were ordered within that date range.

What's on the Orders report?

The Orders report has a focus on the details of the order. This includes whether it was an online purchase or in-store, the details of the person who made the order, when they made the order and its value, and the status of the order.

What headers are on the Orders report and what do they mean?

Purchaser Name

The name entered during the webshop checkout page

Purchaser Email Address

The email entered during the webshop checkout page

Purchaser Phone Number

The phone number of the purchaser (if this information is given at the webshop checkout). To turn on/off this feature go to Settings > General.

Order ID

A unique ID associated with this order, and a way to search out an order on your Toggle account on the "Order ID" search filter on the Purchases > Orders section

Order Creation Date

The date the order was made

Merchant Transaction Reference

A reference code generated by the merchant that created this order (e.g. Stripe, Trust Payments, your EPOS etc.) - useful if you are trying to cross reference orders in Toggle against transactions in your payment platform or EPOS.

Merchant Name

The merchant that processed the order e.g. Stripe for online orders or Zonal for in-store orders.

Order Subtotal

The value of the order not including postage costs (if any)

Postage Value

The postage cost the customer paid for (if applicable)

Discount Value

The value of any discount applied on the order (e.g. from a promotion or if it was an FOC order)

Sales Channel

Where order was made e.g. Toggle dashboard (if an FOC), in-store, B2B or web store etc.

Order Status

This will either be "completed", "pending" (if it's a physical item awaiting dispatch), or "cancelled".

Gift Card Payment Value

If the order was purchased using a Toggle gift card then the value put towards the order is shown here.

Consent type

If the purchaser opted in for your marketing consent at the checkout page, this column will be populated with the date and time they did this.

Sale Tax

If the product purchased had a sales tax applied to it, the % owed will show here

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