Here's the steps to finding and downloading the Cards CSV file:

  1. Click on Data on your Toggle sidebar

  2. Click on Cards

  3. Click the blue calendar icon and select the date range you want the transaction data to be pulled from

  4. Click the green download button when the CSV has downloaded

What information does the Cards CSV contain?

This file contains information mainly on the history of the gift card e.g. who received it, the current balance, whether the gift card owner has opted in for marketing consent, where the card was bought from and last site redeemed at.

What headers are on the Cards CSV file?

  • Card ID

  • Creation Date (UTC format)

  • Card Unique Code

  • Unique Code Alias

  • Gift Name

  • Order ID

  • Current Balance

  • Recipient Name

  • Recipient Email

  • First top up value

  • First top up reversed

  • Sold in site

  • Last redemption date

  • Last redemption value

  • Last redemption site

  • Transaction discount types

  • Transaction discounts value

  • Transaction promotions

  • Card initial balance discount value

  • Consent type

What does each header mean?

Card ID: An internal unique ID for this card and a way to search out a card on your Toggle account

Creation Date: The date the card was created.

Card Unique Code: The 19 digit unique code used to redeem the card's value

Unique Code Alias: Any previously associated code for any gift cards imported from a previous gift card platform - this code or the newly assigned 19 digit unique code can both be used in this case

Gift name: The name given to the gift on the Products section

Order ID: A unique ID for the order that this card was created from, and a way to search out this order on your Toggle account

Current Balance: How much money is left on the gift card at time of download

Recipient Name: If the recipient registers their gift card their name will be stored here

Recipient Email: The email the purchaser enters during the webshop checkout or in-venue/ on POS Mode

First top up value: Typically the value of the card at the time of purchase (the first top up).

First top up value reversed: If the top up gets reversed (removed), that shows here

Sold in site: If the gift card was sold on-site, that site name shows here

Last redemption date: The date and time a gift card was last redeemed

Last redemption site: The site the gift card was last redeemed at

Transaction discounts value: How much value was discounted on the overall order associated with this card when it was created (if any)

Transaction promotions: The promotion that the order discount relates to

Card initial balance discount value: How much value was discounted on this particular card when it was created

Consent type: If the recipient opted in for marketing messages, this cell will have the date and time they did so. N.B. opt in for recipients is only possible if they register their gift card

Registered recipients and consents

If a card has been registered, the name and email of the registered recipient will show in the Recipient Name and Recipient Email fields.

If the registered recipient has also consented to marketing, there will also be an additional column at the end of the CSV showing the date of consent and an ID that represents the version of consent text that they agreed to.

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