The Orders CSV file can be found on the Data section on your Toggle account.

This file is useful for finding out the details of the purchaser, such as their name and email, if they opted in for marketing consent, where the orders was made, and if there was any discount applied.

What headers are on the Orders CSV file?

  • Purchaser Name

  • Purchaser Email Address

  • Order ID

  • Order Creation Date (UTC format)

  • Merchant Transaction Reference

  • Merchant Name

  • Total Order Value

  • Postage Value

  • Discount Value

  • Sales Channel

  • Status Order

  • Consent Type

What does each header mean?

Purchaser name: The name entered during the webshop checkout page

Purchaser Email: The email entered during the webshop checkout page

Order ID: A unique ID associated with this order, and a way to search out an order on your Toggle account

Order Creation Date: The exact date and time the order was placed or bought

Merchant Transaction Reference: A reference code generated by the merchant that created this order (e.g. Stripe, Trust Payments, your EPOS etc.) - useful if you are trying to cross reference orders in Toggle against transactions in your payment platform or EPOS.

Merchant Name: The merchant that created the order e.g. Stripe, Trust Payments, Zonal, Comtrex etc. whichever you're connected with

Total Order Value: Value of order made in £

Postage Value: Value of the postage the customer paid (if a physical order)

Discount Value: Value of any discount applied on the order (e.g. from a promotion or if it was an FOC order)

Sales Channel: Where order was made e.g. Toggle dashboard (if an FOC), in-store, B2B or web store etc.

Status Order: This will either be "completed", "pending" (if a physical item awaiting dispatch), or "cancelled"

Consent Type: If the purchaser opted in for marketing messages, this cell will have the date and time they did so

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