How to redeem Toggle codes
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There are various ways to redeem Toggle codes, giving you a variety of options depending on the different ways you may want your customers to use their Toggle code.

Your EPOS system

You may already use a POS system that has integrated with Toggle. You can see a list of integrated POS here.

Connecting your EPOS will allow you redeem Toggle gift cards on site. A customer will be able to present a gift card and your staff will be able to swipe it through or key in the 19 digit number to redeem it (partial or full).

Additionally, if a customer wants to buy a gift card while they are on site, you can sell a Toggle gift card through your EPOS.

POS Mode

POS Mode is the easiest way to allow your customers to redeem Toggle codes in-store. If your POS is not compatible with Toggle, POS Mode allows you to redeem codes on a tablet or phone in-store.

Toggle POS Mode allows you to redeem gift cards without a till integration. It's designed with your tablet POS in mind. You'll be able to easily flick between your POS and Toggle POS Mode when you have a customer who wants to redeem a gift card.

Find out how to get started with POS Mode here.

Click & Collect

If you have a click and collect platform, ask them if your customers can redeem Toggle codes at the checkout.

We don’t have any Click & Collect integrations just yet but watch this space!


If you run an online store / shop, you can ask your web agency to add a ‘Redeem code’ at the checkout journey so that your customers can redeem their Toggle code at checkout. Using the Toggle API, you can create your own custom redemption journey within your website.

Need any help getting this set up? Contact our support team -

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