What is a Toggle Switch?

Our Toggle Switch service imports non-Toggle gift cards to your Toggle account. So, if you have gift cards in circulation from a previous provider or you have unsold gift card stock already printed before joining Toggle, it's a good idea to have them imported to your account.

This is useful for a few reasons:

✅All gift card data - historical and Toggle - sit under the same platform

✅Your finance team can report on all gift cards in one go on the Toggle reports

✅Your front of house team can redeem and sell all gift cards in the same way at the till

✅Your customer services team can search gift card info on the Toggle dashboard

Steps to do the import:

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or our support team on success@usetoggle.com and:

  1. Send us a CSV file (password protected) of your gift card data for us to do an initial check (use the CSV on the blue link below)

  2. The date you would like your gift cards to be imported

  3. Whether you're still selling gift cards on your old platform or not

  4. What till system you use (or will be using) to redeem gift cards on Toggle

Re. point 1: It's good practice for Toggle to check your gift card data in advance before we do the actual import. The main reason for this is to check that your gift card numbers don't already exist on the Toggle system (we can't import duplicate numbers into Toggle) but also to check that the data is being formatted correctly, so that there's less likely to be issues when you send us the final file for importing.

Re. point 2 and 3: We'll need to agree a date to import your gift cards on a mutually convenient day. This means you re-sending an updated CSV file with all the latest gift card data that need to be imported to Toggle. This also means ensuring you have your old gift card provider turned off so we don't miss any additional sales made on that platform after you send us the final CSV file for the import, or ensuring no unsold physical card codes are purchased during the time of the import.

Re. point 4: Some till providers we integrate with require some further configuration so that your gift cards will work on the till - such as adding prefixes into their system. Other till providers can't process card numbers that contain letters or symbols. We like to check the numbers we import into Toggle will work so there's no surprises!

What can be imported into Toggle for my "live" gift cards already in circulation?

We can import the following information into your Toggle account for gift cards that have already been sold and are live:

  • The current balance of the gift card (this is required)

  • The unique code that's used to redeem the gift card (this is required)

  • The expiry date of the gift card (this is required)

  • The purchasers name and email address (if available)

  • The recipients name and email address (if available)

  • The PIN number the gift card has (if any)

  • Notes (if any)

This does mean that other information you might have available such as the name of the gift card, the transaction reference number, or the amount the customer paid for the gift card, can't be imported into Toggle.

We encourage also including cancelled and expired gift cards with this import if you have that data available - it's good to have a record of them. They'll be imported with a £0 / €0 balance.

The button below contains a CSV file with the exact formatting we need your live gift card data to do the import. 👇

When you have finished populating the file with your gift card data please send it securely to your Customer Success contact.

What can be imported into Toggle for my unsold gift card stock?

We can import the following information into your Toggle account for physical gift card stock that hasn't been sold yet:

  • The unique code that'll be used to redeem the gift card (this is required)

  • The PIN number the gift card has (if any)

The button below contains a CSV file with the exact formatting we need your unsold gift card stock to do the import. 👇

When you have finished populating the file with your gift card data please send it securely to your Customer Success contact.

Where do I get my gift card data for this import?

If you're using a gift card platform, you might be able to download your gift card data from that account. If you're unsure how to do that, you may need to get in touch with your Account Manager from that platform and ask them to help you retrieve your gift card data.

If you've been selling gift cards ad-hoc in your venue(s) and writing things down on paper, then you'll need to compile your gift card data more manually and add that data into the CSV file.

If you've had gift cards printed you might be able to retrieve the data file your printers used contained your gift card numbers.

Check details with your current gift card provider (if applicable)

Your current gift card provider might have a notice period before you can close your account, so take this into consideration as this may affect when you can do your Toggle Switch.

Also be aware of how and where to download your gift card data on their platform so you don't get stuck.

How do the imported gift cards look when it's on my Toggle account?

Your imported gift cards will appear on the Overview page on the sales graph, your Purchases page, and on your reports on the Data page.

On the Overview page.

The total balance of the imported gift cards will show within the month it was imported to your Toggle account on the 'Total sales by year' bar graph. The Outstanding active balance graph will also be updated.

On the Purchases page.

When you first click onto the Purchases page (on the orders section) any imported/ migrated gift card will show up as 'system'. (Other gift cards purchased such as digital gifts on the webshop will say 'email').

Annotation on 2022-03-23 at 15-59-59.png

If you click on the gift card you'll be taken to a page that'll look like this. On here you'll see that the gift card is labelled and named as being a migrated card.

Annotation on 2022-03-23 at 16-03-21.png

If you click on the 'View card details' button you then see a page that shows the data we imported from the CSV file.

Annotation on 2022-03-23 at 16-08-57.png

On the Data page.

When you download the 'Cards' report on the Data page, you'll see your imported gift cards labelled as 'Migration product' on the Gift name column and 'Balance import' on the Transaction discount type column. The other information we imported like the recipient name and email, unique code, initial balance when imported (first top up balance column) are on this report.

The 'Balance Adjustments' and 'Orders' report will also say if a gift card was an imported on if it says 'Migration' in the Sales channel column.

Annotation on 2022-03-23 at 16-25-54.png
Annotation on 2022-03-23 at 16-32-47.png

Will your customers know their gift card has been imported into Toggle?

No. Your customers won't get any email or notification to say their gift card is now a "Toggle" one. Their gift card will remain just as it is. When they redeem their gift card in your venue, your front of house team can key the gift card code into the POS and redeem it as normal.

Other points to consider:

Imported gift cards - is it considered discount or tender? Because these imports are balance imports, technically no money has exchanged hands when that balance enters Toggle, so it will show as a discount on your dashboard and reports. However, at the point of redemption the imported gift card is treated as tender.

Order creation date. The day/time the gift cards are imported into your Toggle account is considered the date it was ordered.

The card alias. The card alias is the actual unique code that we import. The unique number that shows up next to it on the Purchases and Data reports is the Toggle code that has been matched to the alias number - this just means when the imported card is redeemed, Toggle knows what card it relates to.

Any questions or help needed with setting this up get in touch with our support team at support@usetoggle.com.

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