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Google Pay and Google Wallet on Toggle
Google Pay and Google Wallet on Toggle
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Note: Only Toggle accounts using Stripe as their payment gateway are compatible with having Google Pay on their shop checkout.


⭐Only Toggle accounts using Stripe can allow customers to use Google Pay

⭐Android users can buy a gift card on your Toggle shop using Google Pay

⭐Recipient of the gift card can store their digital voucher on Google Wallet

How it looks

Google Pay button at the online checkout:

Once a digital voucher is received, the "Add to Google Wallet" button will appear:

Once clicked, follow the install instructions and then you will be able to see the Toggle Gift card in your wallet. The gift card balance will update in real time once redeemed or topped up.

Details including expiry and pin etc are on the rear of the card:

Experiences don't display the card balance:

How to make Google Pay and Wallet available for your Toggle account

There are a couple things to check and do to ensure the Google Pay and Wallet works.

1. Add a Thumbnail logo

This logo is what will appear for customers on their Google Wallet.

1. Login in to Toggle and go to Customise > Logos > Your logo

2. Upload an image (keeping in line with the dimensions required)

3. Save

2. Check your Toggle domain is set up on Stripe

This part is done directly from your Stripe account.

1. Login to your Stripe account and go to Account > Google Pay

2. If your domain is not there, add it in (Your Toggle domain can be found on your Toggle dashboard on Customise > Domain)

3. Click Add

Stripe can accept domains (the domain you get when you sign up your Toggle account) however there have been some glitches on their side causing this domain to not always accept Google Pay. We'd therefore recommend (if you haven't done so already) to create a custom domain for your account.

If you need help or have questions please contact our support team at

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