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Configuring and sending dispatch notification emails
Configuring and sending dispatch notification emails

Let purchasers know when their order is on its way.

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You can configure Toggle to automatically send a ‘dispatch notification’ email to purchasers when an order has been completed and posted out.

Switching on and configuring your email

To switch on dispatch notifications, head to Customise > Dispatch emails. 

Start by switching on the dispatch notifications.

Once set to “yes”, you’ll be presented with some customisation options for the dispatch email that purchasers will receive.

Here you can set the subject line and email address plus some text copy to include in the email to give it a personal brand touch.

You can use the Preview button to preview your email once you’re happy with it.

Sending dispatch notifications

To send a dispatch notification, just click ‘Mark as dispatched’ after you have fulfilled an order.

Remember, a dispatch notification email will only be sent when you click ‘Mark as dispatched’ if you have already switched on dispatch emails in the previous steps above.

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