The Order Line Items CSV file can be found on the Data section on your Toggle account.

This file contains information on the fulfilment details on physical gift cards or retail products - e.g. fulfilment address and post code, and any personal message to transpose onto the order.

What headers/ info are on the Orders CSV file?

  • Order ID

  • Line Item ID

  • Purchaser Name

  • Purchaser Email

  • Order Created Date

  • Line Item Value

  • Product Name

  • Product Option

  • Fulfilment Method

  • Fulfilment Name

  • Fulfilment Email

  • Fulfilment Address Line 1

  • Fulfilment Address Line 2

  • Fulfilment Town/ City

  • Fulfilment Post Code

  • Fulfilment Postage Type

  • Tracking Reference

  • Personal Message

  • Order Status

What does each header mean?

Order ID: A unique ID for the order this order line item relates to

Line Item ID: The unique line item ID for this item in the order.

Purchaser Name: The name of the person making the order

Purchaser Email: The email address of the person making the order

Order Created Date: The date and time the order was placed

Line Item Value: The value of the item ordered

Product Name: The name of the product (created from the Products section)

Product Option: Any sub-category that was selected on the webshop will show here, if applicable

Fulfilment Method: How the order is fulfilled - either email (sent automatically), postal (needs you or us to fulfil the order), in-venue, or a pay-it-forward

Fulfilment Name: The name of the recipient of this item, where available.

Fulfilment Email: The email address submitted by the purchaser during the checkout process on the webshop

Fulfilment Address Line 1: Street name and number

Fulfilment Address Line 2: Any additional address details

Fulfilment Town/ City: The recipient's town or city

Fulfilment Post Code: The recipient's post code

Fulfilment Postage Type: The postage option the purchaser selected

Tracking Reference: The reference number for tracking the order, if applicable.

Personal Message: Any message left by the purchaser to be transposed onto the gift during fulfilment

Order Status: Whether the item ordered has been dispatched, is still pending dispatch, or cancelled

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