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How to send people free gift vouchers from the Toggle dashboard!
How to send people free gift vouchers from the Toggle dashboard!

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Here's a useful feature to use for all sorts of situations! Read on to find out more.

Quick summary

How to send a free voucher:

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. On the sidebar click Purchases > Orders

  3. Now click the blue Create new button

  4. Fill in the details on the pop-up*

  5. Click Add delivery and enter the email (or address) you want to send the voucher to

  6. Click Create order

* About the details -

pick the voucher you want to send from the drop down, select how many to vouchers to send, and the value to put on the vouchers. The personal message will show up on the digital voucher, so make it nice! The note bit can be used for your own internal reference such as why you're issuing the voucher for free (this will show up on the Toggle reports).

Short video tutorial

What's the uses of this feature?

Sending people free vouchers quickly and easily from your Toggle dashboard has a variety of uses. For example:

To give as a goodwill gesture

To replace a lost reservation

To hand out to influencers

To reward your staff

To issue as a competition prize

Simply to check how your digital vouchers look

How can I send free vouchers in bulk, to different people?

This feature is ideal for doing ad-hoc freebies to people as and when it's needed.

You'll notice when using the feature that it's not possible to send multiple vouchers (either digital or postal) to different people all at once. You can only send multiple vouchers to the same email or the same postal address.

If you want to send free vouchers from Toggle in bulk on a regular basis either as part of a loyalty scheme, feedback incentive, and to your database, we have integrations that'll work perfectly with Toggle, for example:

(in short, you can send your customers birthday vouchers from Toggle, or when they sign up to your database, etc automatically).

(in short, when someone gives a good or bad review, a free voucher from Toggle can be sent to them automatically)

Please refer to our website for up-to-date integrations:

Who pays for a free voucher?

The person you send the voucher to doesn't pay for it. No payment is being processed when you use this feature as it bypasses any payment gateway or needing any credit card details.

But, the value of the voucher you send will be counted against your monthly Toggle invoice that we send you (the Toggle system tallies up all vouchers on your account whether they are issued for free or purchased from your venue or online).

For example, if you are on the 5% payment plan on Toggle if you issue someone a £20 voucher we'll take 5% of that (£1).

How do free vouchers show up on my reports?

On the 'Data' section of your sidebar is where you can download reports about your vouchers. (See more details here: Data: An overview on Toggle reports (and troubleshooting / FAQs))

Any vouchers you've issued using this feature will show up as "FOC" (free of charge).

For example, on the Cards report it'll show up like this:

If you have questions about this or need help please contact

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