How to use Toggle Tickets

Here's the guide to create a Toggle Ticket

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What is it?

Toggle Tickets gives your customers the ability to buy tickets for events on your Toggle web shop, and redeem via our handheld web app, Toggle POS Mode.

Here's a quick video on how to make a simple Ticket:

**read on for more information

How do tickets differ from Experiences or Gift Cards?

Experiences and Gift Cards are both pre-paid cards, which are redeemed at the point of payment in the guest journey.

Tickets are redeemed at the point of arrival in the venue, and carry no “balance” like a gift card does. Once they are used, they are finished with.

Furthermore, guests buy tickets for events on certain dates/times, whereas gifts and experiences are generally redeemable across wider date ranges. So in that respect, the purchase journey is slightly different, as the purchaser is selecting the date/time of the event they are going to visit for, directly at the point of purchase.

How do we switch it on?

Please get in touch with the Customer Success team on and ask us to switch this feature on if you’d like it available on your Toggle shop as an add-on Booster for an additional cost.

How much does it cost?

30 days free - No set-up cost.







Monthly cost






How to create a Ticket

Once the feature is enabled, tickets can be created like any other Toggle product:

You can then configure the description, images and the usual stuff, which will then show on the shop:

A few things to note:

  • You can choose the date of the event the ticket is for (“One-off” events are the only type of event supported at the moment)

  • You can have more than one time slot for that event, if required

  • You can have different price levels (e.g. a General Admission price vs a Pensioner price or perhaps a “Standard ticket” vs a “Ticket with a champagne” - use your imagination!)

  • You can set a limit for the number of tickets available. The number available is by Time Slot and By Venue. E.g. if you set it to 100, that’s “100 tickets available for each venue, for each time slot”

Purchasing a ticket

Tickets show like any other product on the web shop, but give the purchaser the choice of venue, time slot, and price option, like this:

For the purchaser, the receipt email that they get will now contain a link to view their ticket(s), like this:

Things to note:

  • If you purchase multiple tickets, they all show on the same link

  • This is the receipt email, so customers should think about the subject line of that email, to make sure it makes sense in the context of tickets as well as gifts/experiences (e.g. “Thanks for your order” vs “Thanks for purchasing a gift card”)


Redemption is via our handheld web app, Toggle POS mode.

You can scan tickets from POS Mode and click to check people in. If a ticket is already used, it will tell you:


Ticket orders will show on the Toggle overview dashboard, alongside other products. They will also appear in the Order and Order Line Item exports, again like any other product.


Can you run a Promo or offer Free of Charge tickets?

This is something currently unavailable, however we are working on this as a future feature!

Can Toggle Tickets be bought on the door of the event?

Currently tickets must be bought in advance of the event

Can we make age restricted tickets?

Not currently, we would suggest putting a T&Cs advising ID may be asked for on the door

VAT on Tickets

Tickets should have VAT considered as part of their price. So when someone purchases a £10 ticket. That’s £10 inc. VAT (unlike Gift Cards, which doesn’t have any VAT considered at the point of sale)

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