Reasons to adjust a card balance

There are various reasons you might want to adjust the balance of an existing card. Here are a few:

  • A customer used a card but a staff member forgot to put the redemption through.
  • The redemption failed for some reason (IT problem in your venue) and you need to adjust manually.
  • You want to issue an FOC top-up to an existing customer’s card (perhaps to say thanks or sorry).
  • A customer has paid for a card top-up by other means and you need to manually top the card up.
  • An order was cancelled and refunded and you need to cancel off the balance of the card.
  • A card balance has expired but you want to re-instate the balance to give a customer some further grace period to use it.

How to adjust a card balance

1 - Firstly, locate the card you need to adjust. You can search for the original order or for the card itself if you know the unique number.

2 - Now click on Adjust card balance.

3 - Now select the type of adjustment and the value of the adjustment to make.

4 - Add a reason for the adjustment. Your accounts team will want to see why you changed the balance of a card.

5 - The new balance shows to allow you to check the new card balance before applying the change.

6 - Click Submit to confirm the balance adjustment.

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