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Manually adjusting the balance of a card
Manually adjusting the balance of a card

Here’s how to manually adjust the balance of an active card.

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Some reasons why you may want to adjust a card balance:

  • A customer has used a card but a staff member forgot to put the redemption through.

  • The redemption failed for some reason (IT issue).

  • You want to issue a FOC top-up for a customer.

  • A customer has paid for a top-up by other means.

  • An order was cancelled or refunded.

  • A card has expired but you wish to reinstate it and offer a longer grace period.

How to adjust a card balance:

  1. Locate the card that you wish to adjust. You can search for the card using the purchases tab on your Toggle dashboard.

  2. Select the card that you would like to adjust the balance of and then click adjust card balance.

    Choose the type of adjustment you would like to make; the site at which the adjustment is being made and the adjustment amount, along with a reason for adjustment for any future reference.

  3. Submit your adjustment. Changes you have made to the card balance will be immediate and can be viewed below.

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel a card, a simple way to do this would be to adjust the card balance to £0.

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