How to turn off emails

If you don't want certain emails being sent automatically by Toggle, here's how to switch them off.

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If you don't want certain emails being sent to your customers, you can switch them off in just a few clicks.

Currently there are 4 types of emails sent automatically by Toggle. These are the Gift Emails, the Receipt Emails, the Reminder Emails, and the Dispatch Emails. For more information on what each email does, our support article here explains more - Customising and previewing emails.

So, if you'd like to switch off Dispatch Emails from being sent to customers, for example go to:

Customise > Dispatch Emails

Then click 'No' to the 'Send dispatch notification emails?' prompt.

The same principle applies to the other email types on the Customise section.

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Using Webhooks for sending bespoke emails

A reason for turning off emails here might be because you'd rather use webhooks to trigger emails in your own CRM rather than send our default ones. Here's our support article to get started on using webhooks - Using webhooks to link Toggle to third party platforms.

Troubleshooting example

If you've switched your email(s) to off by accident, or you want to back track on having them switched off so you can send customers the relevant emails, you can do this manually on the Purchases section. You will need to search up the customer using their name or email, and click 'Resend receipt' or 'Send digital copy' - more information on how to do this here - Resending lost emails.

Need any help getting this set up? Contact our support team -

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