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Creating physical gift cards with Toggle πŸ’³
Creating physical gift cards with Toggle πŸ’³
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The Toggle team will help you design and print your gift cards. πŸ˜€


πŸ–¨οΈ Toggle partners with two printers for you to choose from.

πŸ—£οΈ We refer to them as "Standard Eco" and "Super Eco".

🌳 They both use environmentally sustainable materials.

To get gift cards printed for your online shop and venues, here's how to get started:

  1. Decide if you want Standard Eco or Super Eco gift cards

  2. Decide what style of holder you want (for the card to sit inside of)

  3. Gather your brand assets for Toggle to do the design work

Then, get in touch with us on with your preferences and assets and we'll get started!

Get a sample pack πŸ“¦πŸ’³πŸ‘€

If you want a better idea how our Standard and Super Eco gift cards and holders look and feel, order a free sample pack to your address here.

Pricing πŸ’΅

To see our pricing for Standard Eco and Super Eco gift cards check them out here.

1. Select your type of gift card

πŸ‘‰ Decide if you want Standard Eco or Super Eco gift cards.

Both options are the same in dimensions and weight. They are the same size as a standard credit card. They are both made from recyclable material, yet they are still durable.

If magstripes are included on the back of the gift card or the holders have gloss applied to them then those components won't be recyclable.

Super Eco sources their materials sustainably.

2. Select your holder style

πŸ‘‰ Decide what style of holder you want (for the card to sit inside of).

Standard Eco options:

"Style A"

"Style B"

"Style C"

"Style D"

Super Eco options:

"The Folder"

"The Pocket"

"The Slider"

3. We’ll design for you!

πŸ‘‰ Gather your brand assets for Toggle to do the design work.

Simply send us the following ( and we can design your cards and wallets for you:


Ideally in a vector format (.ai, .tiff, .svg) or a .png. We can work with .jpg if that's all you have available.

Brand colours

CMKY colour values would be ideal so we can get an accurate colour on screen before printing. We can also use HEX codes and RGB values.

Brand font(s)

Send over your brand fonts you'd like used on the gift card/holders.

Brand assets

If you use any textures, patterns, illustrations or any other design, send these over so we can feature these in the artwork. Again, these would be ideal in a vector format (.ai, .tiff, .svg) or a png. We can work with .jpg if that's what you have available.

Design guidelines

More generally, just let us know how you’d like it to look.

Dispatch letter (Toggle fulfilment)

If you want to use the Toggle fulfilment service to post out your online gift card orders, we include an A5 slip to go with it for all orders.

This slip will have further information about your gift card, and this will be automatically added to the slip for every order made.

  • The name of the gift card

  • The value of the gift card

  • The gift code and pin number (this will be on the back of the gift card as well)

  • The URL to register the gift card

  • Any personal message left by the customer

  • A footer note such as address or website

We will need your help to design the header image and add your brand description.

Please send us:

Header image

Dimensions: 142 x 41.5mm

File format: Ideally PDF (especially if your design includes text or vector logos).

JPG is also okay.

Brand description

This is the space for you to write something that'll help your guests know how to use their gift, and learn about your brand. Whilst you can type anything in there, we envisage that you could use it to explain more about the gift, how to redeem it, and maybe a bit about yourselves for those who may not know you.

This can be up to 300 characters in length.

To get an idea how your A5 slip will look, here's an example:

Can I do the designs myself?

Yes- you're welcome to do your own gift card and holder designs if you prefer.

Below are the templates to use and overlay your designs on to using a software program such as Adobe Illustrator.

Standard Eco range

Images added as the vector format are preferred but if you have .jpeg, that'll work!

Super Eco range

For images within the design, for this gift card, please use the vector format.

We recommend you keep the back of the gift card format the same as this contains the key information your customers will need to know about.

The "Register card" URL reference allows customers to register their gift card on your Toggle shop and this gives them a digital copy of it, which is useful in case they lose the physical card.

The "Check balance" URL reference allows customers to check their remaining balance and the expiry date, which is useful for them to know and it will stop you receiving customer queries about this.

A URL reference directing customers to your T&C's is always good practice and means you can add more info about how the gift card can be spent, where it can be used, and any useful info or restrictions.

Who creates the numbers for the back of the gift card?

Toggle will create these numbers - which will be unique for each gift card and for your Toggle account - and supply them to the printers to overlay them onto each card during the printing stage.

If you need help or have questions please contact our support team at


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