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Promoting your Toggle store.
Promoting your Toggle store.

Because first impressions are important.

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So you've signed up to Toggle. You've set up your shop with a gift card. You're good to go!

But without the right exposure those products aren't going to sell themselves!

(no matter how great they are!)

In this article we are going to explore how to get the most out of your shop using some simple visual tricks.

1) The link from your Toggle shop from your main website.

Ensuring that a link from your website is visible and is working correctly.

It sounds like a simple step, but you'd be at surprised the amount of Togglers simply forget about this step or hide the link deep in the depths of their website,

Without an easily accessible link to your shop, your guests could get bored before they even get to your wonderful products or get frustrated trying to find that voucher for their loved ones birthday.

Remember; the more visible the link, the more likely people are to click on it.

The example here says "Shop" but this could be "Gift Cards" or "Experiences".

Making the journey between website and shop seamless.

The first step of this is setting the shop's custom URL.

It's easy to do and makes everything look a lot more professional.

Bonus point; the closer the custom URL is to your main page the less the guest will think about having changed website, which means they are more likely to feel secure and know that they are still spending their money on the venue they love.

Another quick win is to perfect the visual blending from website to Toggle shop.

Ensuring that your branding is consistent between the two and doesn't look out of place

There's a great example of this here from one of our clients Gusto:

2) Promoting your Toggle shop on Social Media.

Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or whatever the hell

B-Reel is, we know you are putting yourselves out there on social media.

One thing we've noticed from our most successful Togglers is that most of them are posting links to their shops on their pages or more effectively in the social media posts that they are sending out.

Whether you've set up a promotion for Black Friday and want to push it or just want to shout about your Gift Cards in general.

Any extra platform you can post about your shop has the potential to help drive extra sales.

Remember, you cant go wrong with images with BIG, SIMPLE MESSAGES.

Don't over complicate things.

3) Have you thought about having multiple products?

Having multiple products on your Toggle shop (e.g. Gift Cards and Experiences) doesn't just tap in to different sales opportunities and appeal to different target audiences (although the power of those things alone shouldn't be understated). It also has the added bonus of making the shop page look objectively prettier:

A single Item will take up most of the screen whereas multiple items spread themselves out equally, on top of this the short description on each item is now visible without scrolling down the page.

Because of these reasons, we at the Toggle Customer Success Team will always recommend that you have multiple items on the store.

4) Did we mention GIFs?

One more thing... Our Dev team REALLY want you to know that you can use GIF files as the images on your Toggle Shop... so... now you know:

If you have any questions surrounding any of this please contact us on:

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